Sacred Lamb Update - Patch Notes


Hola Capos!

We’re excited to bring you our next Content Update, “Sacred Lamb” with major additions to the gameplay, a new end-game challenge, changes based on your feedback, and, of course, bug fixes!


Major Changes

A New Questline. Exciting new end-game content is accessible in Sandbox mode! Capture all of the Special Buildings to start a compelling storyline with new characters, twists, and difficult decisions! Get new unlocks for completion!

New Settings for Sandbox! Play around with Market and Events settings! Make them as harsh and frequent as you want or turn them off completely!

Research Tree Search Bar! Find any building or an upgrade using a new search bar!

Character List! Now all of the characters are easily accessible through a menu, not just your Lieutenants! Find Mayors, Gangs, and Story Characters easier!

New Lieutenant Abilities! You can now turn on or off certain Lieutenant Abilities, we’ve added a new one and changed some old ones like "Coordinator"!

Optimization! We’ve greatly optimized the game for a more smooth end-game experience!

Other Updates and Changes

  • Achievements are now available in GOG!

  • Military Base upkeep changed. We got your feedback that the bonuses from supplying Military Base weren't lasting very long, so we updated their placement and changed how much upkeep the Base is using!

  • Updated the Global Goals menu to show you which unlocks you can and can't get with your current settings in the playthrough

  • When you're exporting legal goods through Smuggling Points they no longer will be suspicious! Illegal goods hidden in legal goods can still be found, be aware!

  • We made the game a bit harder after the Tutorial ends. Be prepared for the real Cartel Tycoon experience!

  • Researcher Ability now can stack up to a 50% speed increase!

Bug Fixes

  • Playtest fixed: Gil Gilmor couldn't move after destroying the quest Residence

  • Playtest fixed: Quest "Detain III" completed if Gil Gilmore was moved to any Residence, not the Quest one.

  • Playtest fixed: If Capo and Gil Gilmor were killed at the same time, next Capo would die instantly

  • Playtest fixed: "Make a deal: Heroin" was working incorrectly for Gil Gilmor.

  • Fixed: Dialogue wasn't playing before the "Postbureacracy" Mayor Quest

  • Fixed: In the "Needs and Fears" campaign Enemy Gangs could attack players early on

  • Fixed: Shooting sounds disappear during a city fight when you reload a save

  • Fixed: US Army UI is displayed under other UI Elements

  • Fixed: Missing indicator that research speed is increased in the University

  • Fixed: Incorrect Aerodrome I upgrade animation

  • Fixed: After Capo's Death some Event markers remained

  • Fixed: incorrect visuals during the building process

  • Fixed: Area Depot wasn't arrested after the US Army attack

  • Fixed: Incorrect product slots in Smuggling Points displayed after reloading a save

  • Fixed: Capo's helicopter couldn't land at the CIA fight

  • Fixed: "Harvest Manager" ability didn't work with Chicken, Avocado, and Quinoa

Known bugs

  • ‼️ Oculus users can experience longer loading times when starting the game if the Oculus App isn't open

  • Multiple localization and text issues

  • The dollar sign is missing in the Laundering building statistics menu

  • Lieutenants' nickname is not updated in dialogues

  • Localized subtitles for the Tutorial intro are missing

  • Animation spam after consecutive Lieutenant rerolls

  • The "Cultivator" Ability can trigger when there are no farms/plantations with the correct resource nearby

  • When the Lieutenant becomes a Capo, a preferred Terror level is still displayed in his menu

  • Gang Deals stay active after subjugating or killing the Gang Leader

  • Prison warden appeared in the recruitment pool (Go back to Prison!)

  • An incorrect number of bonus icons is displayed in the University if the Lieutenant with a Researcher Ability is active.