Research Tree Update - Patch Notes



Reworked Research Tree

It’s no longer a linear process, but a mechanic with meaningful choices that will benefit the growth of your empire! You can also make Additional Upgrades to buildings!

Expiring Quest-Events

New urgent tasks from your lieutenants, which not only provide more narrative dynamics to the game but also give you new ways to influence Loyalty, Terror, and Allegiance!

New Lieutenant Abilities

Terror Increase, Transport Company research, Research speed increase, and Loyalty Increase.

Separation of the Story Mode campaigns

Now you can immediately select which chapters of Story Mode you want to play - “Tutorial”, “Needs and Fears” or “That sinking feeling”.

Market Improvements

The price now changes smoothly depending on the player's activity. Market behavior was changed for each Mode individually.

Other updates & changes

  • Lieutenants’ initial loyalty is now displayed on the recruitment screen.

  • Added more helpful textual and visual tips to the tutorial.

  • Added a loading screen instead of a black background: Now you won’t be so sad.

  • The Deals with lieutenants now freeze the Market and display a constant price, not a percentage.

  • Lieutenant’s Allegiance grows after you upgrade his car in Collectors Residence.

  • We've optimized the game! Optimization has reduced the load on the CPU.


  • Workshop progression has been updated - every Workshop upgrade unlocks a new illegal product.

  • Warehouse radius expands less with each Warehouse upgrade in the Research Tree.

  • The Residences radius expands less with each upgrade on the Research Tree. You can expand it more with Additional Upgrades.

  • The number of connections for Residences has decreased. You can research more with Additional Upgrades.

  • Warehouses have 4 cars on Tier III. You can upgrade it to 5 cars with Additional Upgrades.

  • Increased Speed of new Building Tier Research by approximately 30%

  • Decreased Price of new Building Tier Research by approximately 30%

  • The balance of the laboratory has changed a bit.

  • You can significantly upgrade a building's capacity with Additional Upgrades.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed A LOT OF localization issues.

  • Assassination Skill now works correctly when the soon-to-be-dead character isn’t in the building.

  • The game doesn't crash if you've hired everyone and killed all the lieutenants in the cartel.

  • The quest for paying a bribe to a journalist has been fixed.

  • Fixed Juan disappearing after blowing up a CIA hotel or residence.

  • Fixed incorrect display of allegiance in German.

  • Survival: When the capo dies, the Robbery and Abduction icons remain.

  • Modern residence does not shorten the money laundering interval.

  • Gerarda Batista has the wrong ability in the recruitment window.

  • Fixed incorrect sale interval in the research center in the "Aerodrome" tab

  • Removed a Hotel from Foscani Region in Sandbox Mode


  • Improved VFX for all pier tiers.

  • Reworked the view of the research tree and research window.

  • Colombia's map shows more clearly where you can't build.

Known issues

  • Several localization issues in Tutorial and Story Mode

  • On some of the Windows versions (specifically if something has been done with the default Media Player), our animated intro causes the game to crash. The temporary workaround is to turn on “Skip movies” in the settings menu.

  • Some Nvidia cards cause D3D to crash at start-up.

  • The main menu UI is bugged at some laptops - switching from Fullscreen to Windowed or Borderless usually fixes this.