Our Plans for 2022


Hola Capos!

Today we want to talk a bit about our plans for Cartel Tycoon in 2022.

In the coming weeks, we want to release our Special Building Update! We talked about them a lot and will be releasing a full devlog, so we don’t want to spend too much time on it in this post. The gist of it is - Prison, Guerillas, Reservation, Airport, and Military Base are finally coming to the game! We believe that their release will significantly shake up the meta, because each of them offers unique enchantments to your Cartel, and we can’t wait for you to try them out! They are the main attraction of this update, of course, but we’ll also be delivering multiple reworks of already existing systems, lots of improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes!

But the big event of this year, of course, is our full release! And… we’re aiming to release the game this Spring/Summer season!

We will bring even more variety to the game, and after listening closely to your feedback all the time we were in Early Access, we want to introduce meaningful changes to already existing systems, so the game can be the best version of itself when it’s fully out and ready.

For example, we heard your feedback to Global Unlocks, and have been working hard on improving the system. We still want to keep these achievements in the game, but we realize that tying almost all of them to the Story Mode didn’t work, and you, as players, didn’t get that feeling of “Pride and Accomplishment” we wanted you to have. So we’ve been working on reimagining these challenges, so they can be obtainable through gameplay, and not just Story Mode grind. We hope that you’ll love the changes we’re making.

The second one is Terror system. We introduced changes to it in the Balance Update but wanted to still keep the original hardcore vision, so now the behavior of the system is tied to Difficulty Levels! If you want permanent stars and other hardcore Terror challenges, you can select the higher difficulty! And if you want more mild gameplay, you can choose an easier difficulty. Hardcore and mid-core gamers will be happy with that change!

Of course, we’re also tweaking a lot of the other systems to make the game more stable and enjoyable for everyone!

With all these changes coming to the game we have to postpone the release of multiplayer.

Our goal - first and foremost - is to make the game the best it can be on release, and we don’t want to cut corners to release it with more features but with less quality. That’s why we have decided to focus on providing the best Single-player experience on release, and continue our work on Multiplayer through 2022.

But the Full Release will come with tons of new content - we’re expanding the enemy gangs, and confrontations with them will offer players more choice, will provide more immersive storytelling to Cartel Tycoon, and will just be fun. Also, a dozen of new lieutenants, more music, Steam Achievements, new drugs, and multiple expansions of already existing systems are coming!

We’re fully committed to supporting the game after the release, and will bring you A LOT more mechanics, stories, characters, and, most importantly, fun gameplay innovations!

We want to thank everyone who supported us during the Early Access period and those who supported us even before we were on Steam, EGS, and GOG! Cartel Tycoon wouldn’t have been possible without all of you, and we believe we can do oh so much more!

Have a good day, Capos, and see you soon! We’ve got an update to release, and a game to play.