Goals & Gains Update - Patch Notes


*Patch Notes - Cartel Tycoon v

  • Fixed: Gang Event "Kill a Liuetneant" sometimes targets a Lieutenant that is no longer in the Cartel

  • Fixed: Fixed: Gang Event "Spoil a Relationship" sometimes doesn't mention a specific gang

  • Fixed: A Lieutenant that was kidnapped during smuggling sometimes couldn't be used after paying a ransom

  • Fixed: One of the Gang Events wasn't triggering

  • Fixed: Multiple Localization and text issues

*Patch Notes - Cartel Tycoon v

Fixed: You can now earn Steam Achievements again! Some of them will be granted to you, some will require doing the required actions again. Sorry, we missed it during the Release

Fixed: Multiple Localization and text issues

Hola Capos!

The Goals & Gains Update is going live TODAY!

We’ve been going through your feedback when adjusting our plans for this update because we want to make the game better for everyone, and not just follow our original plan without adjustments!



Global Goals!

We’re adding 4 end-game missions to Sandbox! Just playing around can be fun, but having a goal in mind can be even more fun! You can choose your own Global Goal when starting a new Sandbox Game, and if you complete it - you’ll get a special reward! It’s Sandbox, so you can choose your own way to approach this goal! Global Goals Unlocks can be obtained only on standard Sandbox Settings (easy, medium, and hard)

Logistics reworked!

We’ve made significant changes to the internal prioritization systems, so your money and your products would be delivered to their destinations much more smoothly, and situations, where one of your buildings stays completely empty while the other is overflowing with produce, won't be happening. We've also remade priorities for Residencies, so the Residence doesn't deliver all the money to laundering buildings without leaving anything for the production chain upkeep.

Save System optimized!

We’ve been doing a lot of optimizations under the hood and updating how our saving system works. We managed to shrink the file size for saves 20x! The saving process itself is 10 times faster, and loading times tripled in speed. When you start your game for the first time, it could take some time to optimize your old saves but it should be smooth sailing after this!

Research Queue added!

Add everything you want to Research to the Queue, pay upfront, and if you changed your mind about something - just delete it from the queue and get the money back!

New Events!

We’re introducing new Events for buildings and Enemy Gangs! It means more interactions with Enemy Gangs and it means keeping an eye out on your production and logistics systems!

Heroin changed!

We heard that Heroin wasn’t as satisfying to produce, so we changed the amount of product that is needed to make it! We've also made adjustments to its Market fluctuations. These changes will make this drug MUCH more desirable to produce!

The Airport balance changed!

We've lowered the time needed to sell a batch of products, so your Lieutenants can be available at a faster rate while still selling the same amount of produce, which will make it a more desirable Special Building to control!


- We've optimized the map, so now it shouldn't be obstructed by the interface, no matter your screen size. Rejoice, Ultrawide users!
- You can cancel any Lieutenant ability now! Stop them, and they'll go to the nearest Friendly Building!
- Added Global Unlocks to the ESC Menu. Check what and who you want to unlock during the game!
- When you reopen the Research Tree you’ll be in the same position you were when you closed it!
- Added Lifetime statistics to Building Statistics Menu
- Added new unlocks for completing Global Goals
- Lieutenants can escape Prison if the player ignores Prison Events from Lieutenants
- Lieutenants can be killed in Prison if the player ignores Prison Events from Lieutenants
- Now there's a greater chance of the Lieutenant's death in Prison
- Pressing the "Inspect" button in the Quest Menu now teleports the camera to the building this Quest is related to.
- Added a loading screen before the Main Menu appears when you start the game. It also loads much faster!
- Terror Scale now appears at the start of the "Needs and Fears" campaign.


- Visual polishing and optimization of buildings and scenery
- Added a unique animation for Lieutenant Kidnapping by Enemy Gangs
- Added visual effects to Building Events (smoke and soil effects)
- Updated the UI of City Buildings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Multiple Localization and Technical Text issues

  • Localization for subtitles in the Tutorial was missing.

  • Fixed: River Pier Boats are affected by Region color

  • Fixed: Time limit is not displayed on the pinned quest for Gang Deals

  • Fixed: Time limit is not displayed on the pinned Military Base quest "Lay Dormant"

  • Fixed: In the Mayor Quest description there's no mention of using Guerillas for Robberies and Kidnapping

  • Fixed: It's impossible to complete the "Lay Dormant I" Quest in the "That Sinking Feeling" campaign if there are no more Enemy Gangs left

  • Fixed: When loading a save, Lieutenant Portraits are doubled in the Event Telephone Widget

  • Fixed: Legal Money can't be used after being unfrozen during the 'That Sinking Feeling" campaign

  • Fixed: Enemy Gang continues attacking the player during acquiring the Gang Leader to your Carte

  • Fixed: The "Iron Lady" Steam Achievement can't be obtained on saves made prior to the Hotfix 3 for the 1.0 Release

  • Fixed: The "Raise Upkeep" button wasn't locked when multiple Lieutenants were selected.

  • (unfortunately) Fixed: It was possible to write in Story descriptions 😄

  • Fixed: Building orientation is changed when continuously building

  • Fixed: Camera movement zone overlaps with the bottom interface, which can be frustrating

  • Fixed: DLC Lieutenants were displayed as new unlocks every time you open the game

  • Fixed: Incorrect product displayed in the dialogue with Carlos Morales

  • Fixed: Lieutenants' nickname isn't updated in the Lieutenant list

  • Some character portraits are scaled incorrectly

  • Incorrect video is played after the completion of the "Resistance" Global Goal

  • Lieutenants killed in Prison can still give quests

  • Fixed: Multiple Gang Events issues

  • Sometimes when placing buildings and roads during the construction phase, growth and accessibility zones disappear

  • Concert Tour ability worked incorrectly

  • Lieutenant bailed out of Prison doubles in the hiring list

  • The button to hire Gang Leaders is inactive when all the

  • Player has Events as soon as the Survival game starts

  • Hotels are constructed in three Enemy cities

  • Incorrect hints for the "When The Party's Over" Quest

  • Incorrect Global Goal name in the tooltip for a special skin

  • Incorrect product in preplaced production chains

  • Expiring Events occur multiple times

  • Incorrect upkeep tooltip for Military Base

  • The "X" button in Lieutenant Profiles is partly outside of the screen (SteamDeck)

  • Tutorial videos aren't playing (SteamDeck)

  • Destroyed Gangs can still give Events

  • Some Special Buildings aren't displayed in the Building List

  • New Capo has a leftover status displayed

  • Residencies take Dirty Money from Indigenous Territory

  • Residence and Indigenous Territory send Coca to each other constantly

  • Residencies and Hotels send Dirty Money to cities non-stop

  • Buildings appear to be connected to roads when they aren't

  • Fixed: Pressing ESC when selecting a Global Goal closes the Sandbox Menu.

  • Fixed: If the Lieutenant escapes Prison during the bail-out Quests, the Quest doesn't end

  • Fixed: Missing Collisions in Chicken Farms and Plantations

Known bugs

  • ‼️ Oculus users can experience longer loading times when starting the game if the Oculus App isn't open

  • Multiple localization and text issues

  • When the Lieutenant becomes Volatile their previous destination remains as a connection.

  • Global Unlocks aren't synchronized between Stores

  • Animation spam after consecutive Lieutenant re-roll.

  • "Cultivator" Ability is triggered when there are no Opium Farms or Plantations in the vicinity

  • US Army War bar appears below other UI elements.

  • Lieutenants with Coordinator Ability start attacking buildings in their radius without command.