Fight & Stash Update - Patch Notes


Hola Capos!

The Fight & Stash Update is here! Get ready to experience a brand-new way to fight in Cartel Tycoon. And when you’re not fighting don’t forget to hide your cash in Caches - a lot of jealous people around!


Major Changes

Combat Rework. A complete rework of the Cartel Tycoon combat system! Lieutenants now have Endurance, can be injured, and combat requires strategic planning!

New Building Type! Hide Dirty Money from your enemies in 3 different types of Caches! Sealed Caches can’t be found by government forces or Enemy Gangs, so you can hide your fortune right under their noses!

New Illegal Resource! Weapons are now in Cartel Tycoon! Buy, sell, and use them in Combat! Weapons offer an upper hand in the reworked combat, and can win you fights when all hope is lost!

New Lieutenant Abilities! You can now turn on or off certain Lieutenant Abilities, we’ve added a new one and changed some old ones like "Coordinator"!

New campaign! “Lambs to the Slaughter” is now a curated campaign! Get ready for a Special challenge, meet new characters, and decide their fate…

Other Updates and Changes

  • Updated and changed Abilities for 20+ Lieutenants.

  • Added a new Building - Hospital.

  • Added ability to buy Weapons from Area Depot.

  • Added ability to buy Weapons from Military Base.

  • Added ability to buy Weapons from some Enemy Gangs.

  • Reworked Guerillas to trade Weapons for Illegal Resources.

  • Added 6 new Events for Combat.

  • Added 2 new Events for Caches.

  • Added 15 new Historical Events (based on true stories)!

  • Updated building categories in the Building List.


  • Increased the speed of Avocado growth.

  • Reworked difficulty for the “Needs and Fears” campaign.

  • Reworked difficulty for the “Needs and Fears” campaign.

  • Reworked difficulty for the Survival Mode.


  • Updated the Combat UI.

  • Added additional UI to the buildings that can be used for healing injured Lieutenants.

  • Added additional UI to the buildings that can be used to speed up Endurance recovery.

  • Changed the look of the resource prices in the top bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Localization issues.

  • The dollar sign is missing in the Laundering building statistics menu.

  • Animation spam after consecutive Lieutenant rerolls. (thanks, Virtuoso)

  • Combat values are hidden when fighting in buildings during construction (thanks, Emofrannie)

  • Selling Coffee through Rogandes Checkpoint affected Terror (thanks, bUrnIt)

  • The "Cultivator" Ability can trigger when there are no farms/plantations with the correct resource nearby.

  • When the Lieutenant becomes a Capo, a preferred Terror level is still displayed in his menu.

  • Gang Deals stay active after subjugating or killing the Gang Leader.

  • Some Prison Events weren’t triggering.

  • Some Events triggered incorrectly.

  • The Guerillas airplane was flying reeeeeaaaaallyyyy sloooow.

  • ‘Dealer' Lieutenant Ability didn’t work for Heroin.