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Hola Capos!

Cartel Tycoon 1.0 is here! Download the latest patch and enjoy the full release!

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Patch notes:

Major changes

Special Buildings are in the game: Prison, Airport, Indigenous Territory, Guerillas, and Military Base have been

activated, and now you can use them! Each Building introduces new quests, new mechanics, and unique characters!

Loyalty Scale Rework: Bonuses added to Loyalty Scale. Loyalty now lowers with time; if it reaches zero - your Capo will

die! Each playthrough starts with a positive Loyalty level.

Unique Mayor Quests: Each city now has a pool of unique quests.

Global Unlocks Rework: Now any Lieutenant that becomes a Capo in your game will become a Starting Capo. But some

still have unique quests! We’ve also changed unlock conditions for Collectors Residence and River Pier upgrades!

Multiple changes to the region visuals. Now Neutral and Enemy Regions have different colors and look prettier than


Gang leaders/gangs occupy enemy cities. Each gang has a leader. You can talk to leaders, make agreements to buy or

sell products and safely transport Dirty Money through their cities without giving them a cut. Enemy Gangs will

react to players' actions across the regions. Players will have multiple ways of defeating a gang.

New Resources: Dried Opium, Sauce, Quinoa, Avocado, Dog Food.

New Illegal Resource - Heroin. It’s an end-game drug made from Dried Opium.

New Building - Food Factory.

Added Quest Panel. You can now pin quests or hide them from the screen.

Updated Research. Research Center renamed to University.

You can Research Tiers I and II without a University. University is required to research Tier III buildings.

You can now reroll Lieutenants available for recruitment.

Resource Finder that helps to quickly locate and visualize resources and dirty money in your buildings.

Added 19 achievements, collect 'em all!

Added 28 new music tracks

Fully voiced tutorial objectives and dialogues (English only)

Steam Cloud Saves

Added Time speed x5, for those who can’t wait!

You can now finish building construction started with dirty money by paying legal money instead

Other updates & changes

  • Removed the Terror requirements when hiring Lieutenants.

  • 10+ New Lieutenants are added to the game including a special Ivan Mario lieutenant (ma417rio :heart:)

  • Your Lieutenants' Allegiance is now tied to the Loyalty level - If Loyalty is at maximum, their Allegiance will rise.

  • Indigenous Territory has a subregion that is initially locked for player construction.

  • Added a Lieutenant Ability “Peace Maker” - Loyalty slightly rises when the Lieutenant with this Ability is in the city.

  • When Capo crosses a police cordon, you can bribe the Police to let him through.

  • The Events are presented not only with a marker but in the Phone Menu too for easier interaction

  • Added 10+ new Events

  • Changed Mayor Event that involved hiring lieutenants - player now can choose whatever lieutenant he wants.

  • You can return Loan Favor money to Mayors or journalists at any time using their Event markers.

  • Text about Capo’s death is now displayed in the Cartel WIndow. It’s only displayed with the first Capo death in the Cartel.

  • Messages in the Event Log now disappear faster.

  • Change starting dates in different Modes.

  • You can now exit the Lieutenant profile with an [X] button.

  • Production Buildings now have Uptime instead of Efficiency.

  • The ground now has Soil Quality instead of Efficiency.

  • Changed conditions for Events from Lieutenants in Prison. The Events will occur when Lieutenants are in Prison, regardless of whether the player owns the Prison or not. More dialogue options will be available if the player owns the Prison.

  • Money Delivery Mayor Quests for acquiring the city now have a marker and additional dialogue.

  • Multiple changes and additions in the Tutorial.

  • Multiple changes and additions in the Manual.

  • Added new mechanics to Seaports and Border Checkpoints. Temporarily, selling certain legal goods will boost loyalty, while others will boost Terror and might be confiscated on the border!

  • Added SFX: War started

  • Added and Updated SFX: City Buildings, Planes, Abilities, Lieutenant voices

  • Improved Music player

  • Added negative Events activation condition

  • Changed difficulty of the Survival Mode accounting for Enemy Gangs and Law enforcer attacks

  • Changed cutscene for a Capo death (max. terror and max. loyalty versions)

  • Added animated opening header for a Tutorial scenario

  • Added introduction events and dialogues for the Mayors and Gang Leaders

  • Added visual indicator for city lost while outside of camera view

  • Added Enemy Gangs settings in Advanced Settings for the Sandbox mode

  • Changed “Needs and Fears“ first quests

  • Special Skin (visuals only) for a River Pier tier III is added to Global Unlocks. Can be switched back to regular skin.

  • Added new hotkey: “Tab” - quest panel

  • Added new hotkey: “U”- screenshot mode, hides all the UI panels. Need to be enabled in the Settings.

  • Added more information to the Economy screen - Enemy Gang Agreements, Yearly minimum resource prices, New resources, Finishing construction using legal money

  • Removed screen resolution options: 1024x768 and 1152x864

  • You can now cancel any lieutenant personal quest using the “Personal Quest” button

  • Save slot is pre-selected when starting a new game

  • Added Growing zones setting to the Sandbox Mode Advanced Settings

  • Added Pre Constructed buildings setting to the Sandbox Mode Advanced Settings (4 presets)

  • Added Credits screen


  • Improved Research Tree progression between different Tiers of buildings.

  • Added additional cars to all the tiers of Residencies.

  • More storage is added with Farms and Plantations upgrades.

  • Added slots upgrades for Aerodromes instead of delivery time upgrades.

  • Bonuses for Seaport, Checkpoint and River Pier added to Research Tree.

  • Changed progression values for Seaport, Checkpoint, and River Pier upgrades.

  • Area Depo now costs less.

  • Increased cooldown for “Assassination” Ability.

  • Lieutenants now move Precursor, Methylamine, and Hydrochloric Acid in the same capacity as the Warehouse. (S, M, L)

  • Loyalty Increases when Mayor debts are paid and journalists are bribed.

  • Money players need to return to Mayors increases with each Mayor Favor.

  • Attention Star changes: Police arrest overflowing or suspicious buildings, Federales place Cordons, CIA chases down Lieutenants, US Army blows up buildings. DEA no longer confiscates

  • Removed penalty for driving with Dirty Money and Illegal Products through Neutral Cities

  • Resources in City Buildings removed in Sandbox and Survival Modes

  • River Pier now has more slots but lower capacity

  • Increased money reward and terror penalty for Robbery and Kidnapping lieutenant abilities

  • Increased terror penalty for refusing to pay the journalist


  • Main menu now has multiple animated background sceneries for your enjoyment

  • Updated visuals and animations for Residences, Workshops, Driers, Farms, Aerodromes, Сity buildings (Cathedral, Salsa club), city favelas, Villages, and Special Buildings

  • Updated visuals for Military Trucks and DEA cars.

  • Updated visuals for US Army attack circle.

  • Updated visuals and animations for the Seaport

  • Updated visuals for different stages (active/inactive) of Lieutenant Abilities.

  • All the City buildings in the same city are now displayed on the same tab of the Building Menu.

  • Added animation to display that new lieutenants are available for hire.

  • New animations are displayed when taking control of the city, enemy buildings, or a Special Building.

  • The amount of money the player is taking is now displayed in the Mayor Favor description.

  • Updated visuals for Research Tree upgrades displayed on the buildings.

  • The price of the research is now displayed on the “Research” button in Research Tree.

  • Capo and Enemy Gang leaders now have a special background during a dialogues

  • Sandbox Settings show Special Building located in the selected region details

  • Building Construction menu tooltip now shows costs and additional information for all the tiers

  • Hotkeys list is updated in Settings>Controls and Manual>Controls

  • Updated visuals for River Pier Tier III

  • Added ability progress bar above lieutenant marker for the abilities - Concert, Robbery, Kidnapping, Preaching

  • Changed construction menu design

Bug Fixes

[From players]

  • Fixed: Lieutenant panel shows technical text during delivery action [FR] (François)

  • Fixed: Hotel and Residences do not deliver dirty money to the Jail for Mayor quest (Jin Rah)

  • Fixed: Transport company does not deliver resources to the city required for the Mayor Quest (Jin Rah)

  • Fixed: Hotel and Residences do not deliver dirty money to the Residence (Xellos)

  • Fixed: Mayor condition can’t be completed after loading a saved game (Xellos)

  • Fixed: City lost marker is visible while city isn’t lost due to the Loyalty bonus (casasa viruz)

  • Fixed: “Cash is king“ cash objective counter is reset after loading a saved game (Zipprian)

  • Fixed: Game crashes after loyalty increases if there are no lieutenants in the pool (Cantora)

  • Fixed: Loyalty bonus “Loyal citizen“ doesn’t work in city Soledoso in Survival mode (CamaradeOurs)

  • Fixed: “Emergency ration“ quest is auto-completes after loading a saved game (Slacker)

  • Fixed: Buildings ineffectively use the available trucks during a high load (casasa viruz)

  • Fixed: Law enforcement does not move after saving the game during a terror start addition (MazzoPowah)

  • Fixed: Half of the money from the last transported batch from the Gang Leader Agreement is lost (Jin Rah)

  • Fixed: Cerro Tacarina Mayor Quest mentions the city name twice (Jin Rah)

  • Fixed: Quest cancel button tooltip has a typo (Guardinger)

  • Fixed: Terror Stars do not disappear after re-appearing and removal by Mayor Favor (Hawke)

  • Fixed: Wrong cause of Capo death if burned in the building (Rouhmann)

  • Fixed: Gang subjugated animated pop-up has a typo and text overlap (Rouhmann)

  • Fixed: Confiscation is applied to the legal resource which wasn’t used as a drugs container (Rouhmann)

  • Fixed: Avocado price drops to zero after selling it for a long period of time (Xellos)

  • Fixed: Changing language doesn’t always change the texts in some places (Rouhmann)

  • Fixed: Multiple Localization mistakes (Kriegskutter)

  • Fixed: Incorrect Terror Stars descriptions in Advanced Settings for Sandbox Mode (ma417rio)

  • Fixed: Quest “When The Party’s Over” didn’t count the buildings that were built before the quest started. (Xellos)

  • Fixed: Event "Research And Development" didn’t count the construction of Tier III buildings. (Xellos)

  • Fixed: Incorrect quantity of Cocaine is displayed in the “Expectancy Theory” Quest dialogue (AlekcZX)

  • Fixed: Product price doesn’t change after certain bonuses. (AlekcZX)

  • Fixed: Government forces bug out if you save during the Attention Star activation (MazzoPowah)

  • Fixed: Capo gets lost and stuck on isolated roads. We saved him! (Rackbox)

  • Fixed: Using your Capos "Make a Deal" Ability starts a dialogue with no character portrait… Spooky! (Mr. Noodle)

  • Fixed: After loading a save, progress in “Cash is King” Quest resets (Zipprian)

  • Fixed: Transport Company II with bonuses was better than Transport Company III with bonuses (syra10)

  • Fixed: Mission "Community Outreach" wasn’t working correctly when capturing Amado (thank you, Xellos)

  • Fixed: Mission “Clearing the Runway (Foscani)” wasn’t working correctly if the Aerodrome was captured or destroyed before accepting the mission (thanks, MaximumEagle).

  • Fixed: Mission "In Their Own House" wasn’t correctly if the Residence was captured before accepting the mission (thank you, Eskild).

Known bugs

  • Tier 3 research is not available if any number of multiple Universities is demolished (Xellos)

  • Sandbox Advanced Settings doesn't have an option for researching buiding upgrades (thor)

  • The wrong pronoun used for female Capo death screen (Xellos)

  • The game manual has errors in Recipes section

  • Lyova Fainherz offers to make a Methamphetamine deal, but his profile contains only a Cocaine deal

  • The wrong portrait is shown for Gerardo Batista during a 3rd “small talk” dialogue

  • Jail becomes neutral after the death of Capo

  • All the ongoing research is lost if University is demolished

  • The Death Info screen for Ceasar does not show money earned and drugs sold

  • The Radial delivery menu shows that Lieutenant can deliver 0 resources

  • Only one Lieutenant's upkeep will increase if multiple Lieutenants are selected

  • Los Grandes roads leading to the Aerodrome disappear if Pre Constructed buildings setting is set to None is Sandbox Settings

  • The Music stops playing after loading a saved Tutorial game

  • Lieutenant Nickname does not update in the list of Lieutenants

  • Multiple “New Lieutenant” animations play at once if reroll is used multiple times

  • Attention Starts are shown incorrectly after loading a saved Tutorial game

  • Some missing localization and typos here and there, will be fixed soon!

  • Destination connection does not reset if Lieutenant became Valatile

  • Ability “Cultivator“ is highlighted if area does not have any Opium farms/plantations

  • The helicopter model overlaps the ground after landing

  • Constructing Building while Buring has the same visuals as if it’s completed
    Building menu warning icons list overflows off screen

  • Gang and Law enforcer cars overlap Buildings during a War animation
    Gang and Law enforcer cars are sometimes placed on water surfaces during a War animation

  • Gang cars overlap with the Indigenous Territory buildings

  • Choose a new Capo screen shows two silhouettes of the Mauricio

Thank you for being on this journey with us

- Moon Moose