Cartel Tycoon 1.0 is coming on July 26!


Hola Capos!

No beating around the bush, Cartel Tycoon will leave Early Access on July 26. We’re so excited to finally present you the 1.0 Version of the game in just a couple of weeks.

Check out the Live-Action Trailer right now!

The 1.0 release is full of long-awaited features like Special Buildings, Enemy Gangs, the ability to make Heroin, Steam Achievements, and Cloud Saves. We’ve made the game better in every way, optimized, reworked, and polished every nook and cranny, so we’re finally ready to leave Early Access.

But what does leaving Early Access mean exactly? Well, it means that we’ve done (almost) everything we wanted with the game initially and finished our Early Access Roadmap. That doesn’t mean the development is stopping, no! We will be constantly supporting the game after the 1.0 release and will be working on improving it even further. But that’s a whole talk for another time.

We’ll talk about what’s coming to the game in an upcoming devlog. and we’ll share the Patch Notes with you as always.

We wanted to thank those who supported us during the EA life of the game, so everyone who got Cartel Tycoon before the 1.0 will receive special Cartel Emblems! To get them you need to own the game and register your tinyBuild account before July 26.

We’ve already updated the game to include them, so you can download the latest build and claim your rewards in the tinyBuild launcher!

And another thing - the price of Cartel Tycoon will remain the same on the 1.0 Release, but it will slightly go up in a couple of weeks, so you’ll have the perfect opportunity to buy the 1.0 Release with the Early Access price for a limited time!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us, and helping us on this journey, and we can’t wait for you Capos - both new and old - to experience the 1.0 version of Cartel Tycoon on July 26.

We’ll be posting more updates in the coming days and weeks, so make sure to look out for them! See you on July 26!

- Moon Moose