Anniversary Update 2023 - Patch Notes


Hola Capos!

Updates and Changes

Optimization. Optimized the building markers to improve performance drastically. Optimized Cartel Tycoon log file.

Anniversary Cartel Emblems. Added 6 new Cartel Emblems to celebrate the anniversary of the 1.0 Release!

Guerrillas and Alliend Gangs leave the fight if their power is lower than Enemy Power and no Lieutenants are present.


  • Decreased the amount of Terror gained for fights in Buildings.

  • Increased starting Enemy Gang Allegiance. (Disaffected to Dedicated)

  • Increased the Power of Guerrillas convoy (5 to 8).

  • Made Evacuation of Injured Lieutenants free after the fight ended.

  • Increased the Paranoic Residence Power bonus duration to 14 days.

  • Added Area Depot to the Research Tree and nerfed the initial stats of the building.

  • Added Upkeep and Cargo Filters to Area Depot.


  • Normalized the volume of all the music tracks in the game.

Bug Fixes

  • A lot of localization and technical text fixes.

  • Fixed: Enforcers spawn can spawn at sea if no Enemy Gangs are left on the map (thanks, @burgunfaust).

  • Fixed: Allied Gangs convoys can sometimes spawn at sea. (thanks, @Yuufiri)

  • Fixed: US Army attack on the Enemy Gang stops if you make a deal with this Gang through an Expiring Event.

  • Fixed: Caches can’t be built if you have less money than their Maximum Storage.

  • Fixed: Lieutenant can’t get to their destination in some instances (thanks, @floravida).

  • Fixed: Incorrect text present in the ‘Suppression Fire’ menu.

  • Fixed: Infinite encounter between US Army and Enemy Gang if their Power levels are the same. (thanks, @lol111bot)

  • Fixed: Injured Lieutenants stop healing after turning Residency off and back on during a save.

  • Fixed: Money storage sometimes obstructs other UI elements in Area Depots. (thanks, @Asgaard)

  • Fixed: Lieutenants Power tooltip is missing in the Building menu during an encounter.

  • Fixed: Guerrilla convoys sometimes get stuck in front of non-city buildings (thanks, @floravida).

Known Bugs

  • Some localization issues.

  • Incorrect Quest objective in the ‘Dirty Money II’ Tutorial mission (thanks, Crow).

  • FPS drops in the ‘Road Construction’ mode.

  • Enemy Gang Power Level in their City doesn’t increase when their convoy gets back after trying to kill your Lieutenant through an Expiring Event.

  • Enemy Gang Marker disappears from the encounter bar if you move your Lieutenants from the encounter.