What am I getting if I buy the Uncut Earliest Access version?

A green nickname and the Supporter title on our official Discord server.

Lifelong access to Cartel Tycoon and all of its future updates to the base game.

The responsibility of influencing development as we head to 1.0

What are the system requirements?

OS: Windows 7 and up

Processor: i5 and up

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: GTX 960

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 5 GB available space

Sound Card: Integrated

How different is Uncut Earliest Access from the demo you have released earlier?

It is several times bigger and deeper than the demo. New map, new scenario, and new mechanics.

Highlighted new mechanics are character leveling with abilities, people’s loyalty, city development, smuggling partners, hiring and management of lieutenants (there’s, like, 40 of them now and each is unique), relationships with city mayors, and many more, you won’t be disappointed.

Is there a Steam version coming?

This version is still pretty rough in many ways, most notably the tutorial is not there yet which doesn’t make it a good match for Steam. At the same time it already packs a great amount of gameplay!

Releasing it on our own felt like the most appropriate solution: to give something for the players who care the most, and also want to support us directly.

We will release on Steam Early Access (and GOG and maybe others) once we have applied more polish. So far the plan is to do that in Q1 2021.

If I buy this right now will I get a key for the future platforms once the game is up there?

We cannot 100% promise that for any platform, but it is a possibility (depends more on platform policies). We cannot stress enough how grateful we are to everyone who supports us directly and of course we would be looking into providing them all the benefits we can. Your Uncut Earliest Access limited content will be granted to you anywhere you wish.

How do I access my Uncut Earliest Access Limited content?

It is not in the current build yet, but it will arrive with the next update.

What is your plan for the updates?

We really want to push the first major update before the end of 2020, most probably in December. It will feature more Cartel customization options, lieutenant loyalty mechanics, character quests, rework of defeat mechanics and countless balance changes.

Then our goal is to do one major update per 2 months or so.

Our biggest stepstones:

Q1 next year - Early Access on Steam

Q3 2021 - 1.0 release

Will the price increase in the future?

It is possible, yes.

Are you going to remove the Steam demo?

Maybe at some point when we’ll feel the game went ahead too much and the demo is absolutely not representative anymore, we will consider removing it or putting together a new demo if we have the resources. But not right now, no.

Can I gift this version to a friend of mine?

You can if you know their email address, just input it at the start and warn them about what they’re going to get (we will rework gifting in the future to make this more obvious)

Regional prices?

We don’t have the technical and legal capacity to do that at carteltycoon.com, so unfortunately those will arrive only after we are in PC stores next year.