Cartel Tycoon Dirty Money Update Patchnotes


Updates & Changes

  • Cartel Customization screen: when starting new game, you can now pick the starting boss, logo and the cartel name

  • You can now pay for lots of things with cash before you launder it. Cash has to be physically moved around with transport (so it is easier but gives some logistics issues)

  • Lieutenants now have personal loyalty (Allegiance), which is affected by their rank in the Cartel and their personal wealth

  • Lieutenants can Sabotage your business in different ways if their Allegiance falls too low

  • Enforcers will destroy parts of your Empire when your boss dies

  • New Special Residence type: Hotel

  • New Lieutenant Ability: Increase of laundering speed

  • New Lieutenant Ability: demolish buildings in exchange for money

  • New button to open Cartel pyramid screen

  • New list of the buildings for easier understanding of what’s going on in your Empire

  • Any blockade event now starts off of Military Base. It gives you some time to prepare for the attack.

  • Special radius visualisation for Residence

  • Added Diva and a few more new Lieutenants

  • Sandy roads (1 tier) are now free, but Gravel roads are now locked by research at the start

  • Add some new tutorial suggestions

  • New quests and storyline


  • Residence was reworked: now during the early game it is utilized to control the cash flow (more trucks, bigger radius)

  • Improved some character abilities

  • All laundering speeds are decreased, because paying with cash is now an option

  • Made prices lower on some goods

  • “Box” packages are no longer an option

  • Confiscation threshold is now lower

  • Changed default moving speeds on different kind of roads (difference between them is now less dramatic)

  • Visual updates

  • Big visual update of gameplay map

  • Added some fog for a sense of depth

  • Unique Hotel skin for early adopters

  • Jewelry store, Hospital, Church, Charity Houses, Circus were updated

Bug Fix

  • Fixed lieutenants stucking in some weird cases

  • Fixed info pop-ups of buildings opening and closing too fast

  • Fixed pop-ups changing their states without user input

  • Fixed some sounds bugs

  • Fixed flickering cities building tab

  • Localization fixes

Known issues (will fix those shortly)

  • No localization on German, Spanish, French, Poruguess, Chinese, Italian (will arrive in about a week from now)

  • Chinese does not work